2 February 2005, 23:28 by mark hoekstra

Blue: A Short Film

Yesterday I came across this beautifully made/rendered short animated film, Blue: A Short Film.



It’s a beautiful little film, with only one downpoint… and that’s that it was almost impossible to download! (at best I got like 2kbytes/sec) ;-) Anyway, since I now got it, I thought it was a good idea to run a bittorrent-tracker and also seed it for a long time… So I did!

I got a .torrent-file for you all. Blue-for-Web_Divx.avi.torrent (right click, save as… or just click and hope your torrentclient picks it up). If you like it, please seed it around in a big way :-) (Feb 21, new torrent and new tracker, please update)

Oh! my torrent is now on the release-page! Ain’t that something? :-)

UPDATE feb 07, 2005 This thing starts to fly :-) There are now 100 seeders on average and there were 300 confirmed completed downloads in the last 24 hours. That’s 70GB+ of webtraffic in 1 day! (and I know for a fact that isn’t coming from my line alone (not in a long way LOL)) . :-)

Another update feb 8, 2005 We’re at 900 completed files now, that’s 214GB… kid you not…

Yet another update feb 21, 2005 The torrent has been very succesful and it’s the only way to download Blue now. There’s also a more professional solution for the tracking/seeding and this means the .torrent is now up on LegalTorrents.com. I’ll keep my tracker up until all downloads on my ‘old’ torrent have finished.

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  1. sam @ 3 February 2005, 00:57 :

    Thanks Mark.

  2. goodie2shoes @ 12 February 2005, 23:12 :

    ik laat ‘m ( na voltooiing ) ook wel in de upload lijst staan, markie.
    groet’n oet ‘t oosterpaaerk…

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