31 May 2004, 13:10 by mark hoekstra

My Old Mac

Ha! I just found this site with a great flash-simulation of System 7 :-) These guys have done a great job in emulating simulating (and therefore preserving) System 7… way to go!


...of course I got an original copy of System 7 :-)

The Web SE is a homage to the most innovative system in computer history.

I certainly agree to that! I still use my old Classic II with System 7 frequently (mainly as a smart terminal to my Sun).

BTW, when you read their guestbook, almost everyone is talking about the ‘great memories’... Well, then I must be one of the very few who has used system 7 just before visiting this page :-)

Anyway, if you like it, go get yourself an old system for scratch-money and enjoy! I certainly recommend it :-)

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  1. Oliver and Lukas @ 5 June 2004, 06:43 :


    thank you for linking the WebSE,
    have fun – we have installed Asteroids on the HD :-)

    Best regards,

    Oliver and Lukas

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