16 March 2004, 15:12 by mark hoekstra


Installing some stats-application on this server has been on my shortlist for ages now. Why it took so long, I don’t know, or maybe I do… I’ve installed webalizer a dozen times, so that really wasn’t the point. Somehow I guess I was afraid to find only a handful of visitors instead of the hundreds(thousands!) someone wants on his page. Well, I know the days are over a simple page attracts major attention, simply because there are millions of simple pages like mine… Anyway, I now have webalizer up&running (in 5 minutes actually), so here we go!

How we’re doing?


geektechnique stats

Anyway, if you wonder where all those visitors of the last few days came from… I posted a comment on tweakers.net, concerning a Mac SE casemod and well… I’ve got one around for quite some time now…

if you wonder where the referrers are on my stats-page… there aren’t any since this page works with a forwarding service, so all the referrers are from this one forwarding service… Maybe I should consider a ‘real’ domain sometime… but I sure want it on an exotic box and not some dull, beige x86 box…

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  1. Colin @ 17 March 2004, 12:11 :

    I could never get webalizer to work, no matter what I did. In the end, I installed some crappy access.log analyser called Analog. This is its’ output:


  2. Colin @ 17 March 2004, 12:14 :

    And… holy shit, nice mod! I can’t read Dutch, but I got the basics of that story. Very nice indeed.

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