20 April 2004, 00:34 by mark hoekstra

Great article at the NY Times-site(registration required, highly recommended!), about a 71 year old entrepeneur, Mr. Lowry, who invented a great method of restoring old movies, from the original(not a copy) 35mm prints to get some of the best-looking DVD restorations. Of course, they first restore all the classics but I can’t wait till they get to the more modern classics, like, say Blue Velvet


...of course, I’m also interested because all this is done on a very big rack of Macs ;-)

Anyway, I’m not gonna repeat the article here, but 600 Mac G5’s and 4K-scanners (scanning a 35mm-frame at 4000(!!!) lines) should get you interested (or you are on the wrong site 0_o ) ;-)

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